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Küffer - Perrin - Schiavano - Gigena 


Flamenco, Jazz, Classical and Latin-American music – four personalities of different geographic and musical backgrounds meet. Based on the compositions of Nick Perrin they create their own world in the fascinating realm of Flamenco. 



The band started off as a duo, and this is a little anecdote recounting how it all began. 

A mutual musician-friend introduced Regula Küffer and Nick Perrin at a concert in his new music studio. Their friend had correctly realized that they would be a great musical fit. And as it turns out they truly are… 

The two discovered that they shared a common interest in Flamenco music. 

Yet, this might come as a surprise if one knew that originally Küffer is a classically trained flautist and Perrin is a Jazz guitarist. The latter had already been dabbling in the world of Flamenco though. On the one hand as a dance class accompanist and on the other hand as a composer. 


Naturally, Küffer and Perrins first concert was as a duo. However, every so often the percussionist German Papu Gigena, who later expanded the duo into a trio, would join them. The quartet was formed when the duo Küffer/Perrin stayed in New York for a gig and met the bassist Antonio Schiavano. 


Based on compositions of Nick Perrin the quartet developed an unique sound. In view of their diverse musical voices and backgrounds this does not come as a surprise. They navigate the waters of and play with musical languages and their potential in regards to composition, tradition and interpretative freedom. 




Nick Perrin

He studied the Jazz guitar at the “School of Arts” in Berne, Switzerland. Apart from teaching the guitar at the “Swiss Jazz School”, he also is an active performer as a sideman for various groups such as the “Swiss Jazz Orchestra”, the “Daniel Woodtli Trio” and many more. Due to the fact that he had always had a passion for the acoustic guitar, Nick started a second career as a Flamenco guitarist. He took classes with Oscar Herrero in Madrid and Juan Manuel Cañizares in Córdoba. 

Nick started working as a performer and composer in duo with the flute player Regula Küffer and the Swiss-Spanish project “KIMERA”. In the past years he worked for a variety of dance academies and performed with national and international artists such as “Perico Sambeats”, “Flamenco Big Band” and Spanish dancer and singer José Galván. 


Regula Küffer

Originally a classical flautist (Diploma in Performance and Pedagogy in Berne/Geneva, Switzerland), Regula is one of the few players that can call a vast array of musical styles her home. She has the ability to effortlessly switch between musical directions such as Classical, Jazz and Pop. This allowed her to explore Flamenco music as an additional direction. She has performed with Jazz guitarist Nick Perrin and the Flamenco group “KIMERA”. 

Küffer teaches the flute at the Conservatory for music in Berne, Switzerland. 

In 2004 she received the “Culture Award” from the City of Langenthal, Switzerland. Furthermore, she was awarded a scholarship in 2008 by the City of Berne, Switzerland, which allowed her to study in New York City for half a year.


Antonio Schiavano

He is one of the most versatile and sought after Swiss bassists. The list of bands he has collaborated with seems infinite. This emphasises just how spectacular of an artist he is who has an insatiable sense of curiosity. 

In 2007 he was the “Artist in Residence” for “Pro Helvetia” in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2016 he was awarded a scholarship by the City of Berne, Switzerland, which allowed him to study in New York City for six months. This is also where he started his collaboration with flautist Regula Küffer and guitarist Nick Perrin. 


German Papu Gigena

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Papu grew up in a strongly musically influenced family. Consequently, he has been enthralled by music ever since he was a child. 

After experimenting with different musical directions in his youth by playing in various bands, he decided to dedicate his life to Flamenco percussion in 1999. Albeit never forgetting his Latin-American heritage. 

Following various degrees and the intense study of percussion instruments in Spain he toured South America, Europe and Asia with numerous line-ups and workshops. He has collaborated with a large amount of renowned artists and currently lives and works as an independent musician in Switzerland.




Regula Küffer-Flute, 

Nick Perrin-Flamencoguitar

Antonio Schiavano-Bass, 

Germán Papu Gigena- Percussion

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